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Birthdays = Screen Shots

In 2009, I took the day off, ice-skated in Central Park and had sushi with Alberto.

In 2010, Mom flew in for the week and we met up with Irish cousins to hit the St. Patty’s Day Parade in Hoboken, which landed on my birthday. 

In 2011, I hosted an all-night party in which Penn Badgley dropped by and the Painter stayed the weekend.

Birthdays seem to be an annual screen shot of my headspace:

2009 = jubilant.

2010 = distracted.

2011 = loud.

This year’s theme?


Pilates + office + drinks on a heated rooftop + dinner with a girlfriend tonight = the brand of birthday I need this year.

So I’m going with it.

Even if only to wake up tomorrow and decide that next year?

Next year, I’m renting out the Boom Boom Room.

  1. thien123 said: Love this post
  2. judithsisland said: Happy belated beloved birthday!
  3. kfedup said: Happy calibrated birthday! Isn’t evolution such a ride?
  4. 4emurph said: I wanna go
  5. hitchcockismyhomeboy said: Happy birthday, Lovely! Happiness, health, and love - always xx
  6. katunedited said: Happy Birthday, Tre! It sounds like a fun evening :) I wish the most wonderful of years.
  7. 808enidan said: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox
  8. drydenlane said: happy happy birthday!
  9. julesmysteriet said: Happy Birthday Tre!!
  10. davesnothere said: Happy Birthday!