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Ides of March

This week?

The best kind of manic:

Meetings, greetings, deadlines, new-client calls.


The twingy kind of panic:

Facebook postings, flower deliveries, text flurries.

Left brain says:

You aren’t alone in your grief.

Take comfort.

Alberto is remembered—and missed—by many.

Right brain says:


Did you overestimate your healing?

What if you have a meltdown tomorrow?

In Central Park?

Or afterward?

Central lobe says:

Put your besties on notice.

Admit that you don’t know how 9:03am will feel.

Or anything after.

And take it from there.

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  2. hollygolightlytraveling said: sending you light and love…
  3. tinkerbellrun said: Sending you ♥ and big hugs!
  4. katunedited said: Thinking of you today! However the day pans out, it’ll be just the way it’s supposed to be :)
  5. girl11eleven said: Sending you love. Be well, Tre.
  6. sorrybutitstrue said: Thinking of you. xoxo
  7. ballstothewalloch said: I think you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for!
  8. courtneyannabelle said: <3 thinking of you today. Love and good vibes are coming your way! xoxoxo
  9. my-little-kumquat said: sending x’s + o’s
  10. phillyfilly said: i’m taking it as i sign that i read this post [and am typing this note] at 9:03 exactly. alberto must be so proud of you.
  11. beachyrunner said: Thinking of you!
  12. apricotica said: You’ll be in my thoughts today. Sending love and steadiness.