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My interview on Beast TV. Or, as I call it: see Tre bounce like a bobblehead while answering reader questions about the baby daddy! Because, somehow, that’s become the most compelling aspect of this story?

  1. hollygolightlytraveling said: YOU did awesome. she was awkward!
  2. stephymay reblogged this from whiteelephantintheroom and added:
    I wish it would have been more about how things were going between you and your daughter. I honestly didn’t even think...
  3. gypsy-soul said: You’re a pro :). Great job.
  4. jessicow1 said: Loved the video clip!
  5. britface said: You did awesome! The interviewer was a bit awkward though.. And seriously, such an amazing story and she focussed on Griffin?!
  6. kimplaining said: You did great! The interviewer, maybe not so much. Looking forward to your memoir!:)
  7. happyhumanscribblings said: you look amazing - but seriously, griffin is the focus of the story?!?!?!
  8. froggeek said: <3
  9. sitnexttolynn said: Hey, you did great. Maybe better than your interviewer.
  10. katunedited said: Watched this yesterday :) I think you did great!
  11. or-doesitexplode said: awesome, tre! great job! :)
  12. findthebrightside said: You were great! Very natural. Wish I could say the same for the interviewer… so awkward!