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Flashback: For You, Tumblr (And You + You)

For the Tumblrs who’ve felt the sting of the greeting-card aisle over the past month:

For those who’ve winced at casual mentions of Father’s Day in the media:

For those who wished this weekend would never arrive:

For those who will go to a cemetery instead of a country-club brunch:

For those who won’t spend this weekend with dry eyes:

We acknowledge you.

We acknowledge your brave (or not-so-brave) face.

Because however you spend it (or don’t), however graceful you are (or not), you are facing it.

It will suck, no doubt, but you will survive your first (or fifth or twelfth) Father’s Day without him.

You can do this.

And we’re with you.

So let’s raise a virtual glass of Tumblr love to all the missing fathers.

And to you: their brave, blogging offspring.

God bless and Godspeed.

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