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Your Mom’s Heart

You know that thing where the left chamber of your mom’s heart can’t route electrical impulses properly?

And she goes in for a routine EKG and is suddenly scheduled for a coronary angiogram and possibly a stent?

And it’s nothing to panic over but you’re 3,000 miles away from the hospital?

And you try to eat and edit and not watch the clock but find yourself praying, working out and cleaning because you need to properly route your own nervous energy right now?

Yeah, that.

  1. jackiebarnes said: Prayers & positivity to you and your family. xo
  2. my-little-kumquat said: I do know all that and it is so hard. I hope your mom is okay and you too
  3. fitterisbetter said: My prayers and positive thoughts are with you
  4. apatosaurus said: Good luck.
  5. iopenmymouth said: My thoughts and prayers are with you! I know you’re strong, but mom is mom is mom. If she is anything like you though, her heart must be stronger than the average and she will be well soon!
  6. foreverdaydreamer said: I hope everything goes smoothly. Your family is in my thoughts & prayers, Tre.<3
  7. hollygolightlytraveling said: as a nurse, let me tell you it is great that she is having this done as an incidental finding rather than an emergency situation. and these doctors have done these so, so many times. she will do great!
  8. happyhumanscribblings said: awww tre. thinking about you. xoxo
  9. supertruestory said: My best thoughts are with you my dear.
  10. kandiasschronicles said: Good juju being sent your way now.
  11. boobill said: Sending your mom all my good mojo Tre.
  12. cattyfantastic said: I hope all is well with your mom.