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My 2nd Mother’s Day: Nationally Televised


Last year, my first Mother’s Day involved presents and a giddy phone call from Laurie, my 18-year-old biological daughter.

My second?

Flying to L.A. to pre-tape a Mother’s Day segment for “The Marie Show.”

With Laurie.

On the Hallmark Channel.

Airing Thurs., May 9.

This upcoming week—48 hours with Laurie, my parents in the studio audience, national TV coverage—seems like a dream-wrapped-in-a-giant-just-kidding.

Except I’m actually holding the boarding pass and my flight leaves this afternoon.

  1. katunedited said: I’ll have to look out for it. By the way, started your book on vaca last week and love it so far. Have a great week!
  2. emphasisadded said: xo to you both!
  3. ativelyapathetic said: Yay, oh yay for you both!!!!! xoxox