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Not A Dress Rehearsal

In matters of love and war, nothing original can be said.

We have only clichés:

Our relationship has run its course.

I’m not seeing a future together.

Let’s be civilized about this.

I’d like to remain friends, but realize it’s your decision to make.

Each of these sickening statements.

Formed in my mouth tonight.

And found voice.

The words hung in the air between me and The Painter.

In the space-turned-distance between us.

This time, there are no chemicals in my veins.

This time, there is no do-over.

This time, I know how tomorrow will feel.

This time, I have an army praying me through it.

  1. lboogie76 said: When it’s not right, it’s not right. Praying that you find right…
  2. doallthethingswithlove said: I’m so sorry, and I’m in that praying army <3
  3. apricotica said: Enlisting in that army. <3