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A Mimosa Or A Prayer

It’s too early for this.

Too early to wake at the part in the movie where you realize that the guy who’s carried you through the last 10 months?

He hates you today.

And with good reason.

Also, those 10 people you have on speed-dial for days like this?

You don’t want to call any of them.

It’s too soon to crave the familiar chime of his text messages.

But it’s too late to undo any of it.

So press those buttons on the espresso machine, and try not to remember that you’re one calendar day away from August.

Ignore the one-two-punch reality of Alberto’s birthday and your wedding anniversary.

And do not, do not acknowledge the certainty that you’ll be missing two men this month.


Just wrapped your head around it?

Well, it’s still early.

How about you start calling your 10 people?

Because one of them?

One of them will likely respond—with a mimosa or a prayer.

Or both.

  1. britface said: Thinking of you!
  2. hitchcockismyhomeboy said: You’ll be fine. I just know it. Am thinking of you though, hope things feel brighter soon!
  3. blairsings said: He might feel like he hates you today but he won’t hate you forever. He’s just hurting, as are you! I’ll be thinking about you!