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The Night We Met

Many friends have heard the story of how Alberto and I met.

It’s recounted—with uncensored glory—in the manuscript of my memoir.

But I confess to withholding it from White Elephant in the Room.

At the urging of a fellow writer, I’ve spent several weeks condensing my 340-page book into a 2000-word essay for her Web site.

It opens with a (G-rated) version of The Night We Met.

And the first of three installments just went live

  1. lboogie76 said: Perfect. Thank you…
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  3. thien123 said: Crying at work…again.
  4. 808enidan said: Ahhh the suspense! I LOVE The story of how you met though - I’m so glad you shared it! Sending love from SA (soon to be back in Tehachapi, so can we PLEASE meet up!)
  5. thebirdhouseinmysoul said: Yes!! Needed some great lunchtime reading today - thanks for sharing!