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Ambushed by Cocktails Featuring Tré  (NYC, 2011)

  1. babbleliciousness said: This cracked me up. It was also pretty neat to hear your voice! You have great friends!
  2. beccarue said: This is adorable!
  3. apricotica said: "Don’t be a bitch and get the low-fat."
  4. willow-draconis said: youuuuu are so presh.
  5. bee-arthur said: This video is wonderful, I’m so glad your day was turned around!
  6. stars-in-the-woods said: A. I LOVE the shit out of you. B. Jason needs a tumblr so we can follow him. C. Jason needs to show that tattoo. D. You have friends that CLEARLY love you and I’m happy for you. E.JASON! GET ON TUMBLR!
  7. speshuled said: AWESOME!